Benevolent Work

Sacramento Cat Hospital Foundation Benevolent Fund

It's important to us to give back to our community. The Sacramento Cat Foundation Benevolent Fund was established to provide care to cats who might not otherwise receive appropriate care and treatment. These kitties come to us from all over the Sacramento area; some require extensive and costly treatment to save their lives. Once treatment is complete, the kitties are fostered at the Sacramento Cat Hospital until they are adopted by a caring home.

In addition to treatments or procedures required to save kitties' lives, the Benevolent Fund also provides routine physicals, vaccinations, viral screening, food, water, shelter, and of course lots of love to the hospital's foster kitties until they find their forever home.

The Benevolent Fund is entirely supported by donations from caring individuals. These gifts allow us to continue caring for these special felines and to help them find the right home. Your one-time donation, or ongoing sponsorship, will truly make a difference for kitties in need.

To learn more about the Benevolent Fund, please visit